2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Review, Release Date, Price and Photos

Last information said that 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser is being prepared, which means that previous rumors about its cut in productions were just rumors. On the other hand, now these have switched to new model, claiming 2017 year model is going to become the last one for now. Until then, 2017 FJ Cruiser is going to reminiscence us to its classic days. This actually might be the end of the crossover, since production price is high. Company required to use much more lightweight materials to stay competitive, but that costs a whole lot and final price of this SUV could be slightly higher mainly because of this.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser HD Photo

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Powertrain

The 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser is seeking for large engine to acquire large volume of power. Its output for new model are going to be around 300 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque. It could come from 4.0-l DOHV V6 unit with 2TRD. This engine sends power by way of 6-speed manual transmission to all wheels. Also, rear-wheel drive is an alternative, but then, powerplant is mated to a 5-speed automated gearbox that transforms power to rear wheels. These combinations, with lighter vehicle should bring more substantially superior fuel economy, but there are no hints from company about close number. Current FJ Cruiser crossover has 18 mpg combined, which must be topped from new SUV.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Picture

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Redesign

Overall look of the 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser must remind us on previous editions of this classic SUV. Nonetheless, modern innovations are incorporated into design of the crossover, producing it very distinctive. Ground clearance is high, enabling FJ Cruiser to beat toughest terrains and weather conditions. Comparing to previous model, new side wings, fenders and bumpers will likely be installed. Frame is the very same, but all new features tends to make this crossover refreshed. Much less boxy look and slimmer styling are one more highlights, and with 17-ich wheels it aims to lure younger users.

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Concept

2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser Release Date and Price

Beginning from $40.000, vehicle is slightly more expensive than its most important competitors. On the other hand, this could change till 2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser appears. It is particular that crossover is going to presented at one of the greatest car shows, but we nonetheless do not know any timetable for it.

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