2018 Chevrolet Niva Review, Redesign, Price, Release Date and Photos

The 2018 Chevrolet Niva is a new generation of Chevy’s SUVs, that will be made in Moscow. For the duration of the year of 2018, we are expecting some thing fresh and new on a market, very promising and noticeable. Having said that, comparing to current model, some sources say that vehicle is well improved with numerous updates. With sporty design and fair equipment placed there will likely be no error. The concept of 2018 Niva model will stay almost the same, with some minor changes. Appearance is extremely nice which is pretty crucial to some purchasers. On the other hand, this five-seater is quite comfortable for family.

2018 chevrolet niva wallpaper

2018 Chevrolet Niva Redesign

Mini SUV will appear on market in 2018. This crossover is improved with larger dimensions, also with much more comfortable cabin and exterior. From the front we can see updated several valuable extensions. The hood is slightly narrower. Also, headlights are doubled and improved. Additionally, designers employed LED lights front and back, which is excellent for riding on the heavy courses. Comparing to existing model, 2018 Chevrolet Niva is rather innovated. Inner space is spacious and it has extra specifics than previous. Safety system is updated with new components. Space beneath the steering wheel is comfortable and riding is easy. This SUV has trolley wheels, roof tray and also headlight protection. This design is more than a promising.

2018 chevrolet niva image

2018 Chevrolet Niva Engine

Some sources say that that 2018 Chevrolet Niva SUV will have minor changes. It would likely include a 1.8-liter power train. Niva could make as significant change with 135 hp. Torque might be around 140 lb-ft. This type of engine is created for Russian market and it could be sold in Russia only. Having said that, it is not confirmed yet. Employing of natural gas is an option, but not certain however. Far more information about this type of engine could be revealed just after launching in 2018. Several prospective purchasers are keen on crossover. It is certain that this engine could be something new on market.

2018 Chevrolet Niva Picture

2018 Chevrolet Niva Price and Release Date

Lots of critics says that value is variable and there is no sure information about that. Some of them indicate that value could possibly be about $13,000. This is acceptable for many fans. We are nevertheless waiting the final numbers, but it is for sure that this SUV is one of a better possibilities.

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