2018 Ford Taurus Review, Redesign, Features, Engine, Release Date and Photos

Company has huge expectations from brand-new 2018 Ford Taurus. Inning accordance with the current reports, present model will end its production quickly, and new model ought to come as replace. This model is among the popular nameplates from American manufacturer. It remains in production for a long time. Initial model came way back in 1985. So far, we have seen seven generations of it. First model belong to the class of mid-size cars, while more recent are full-size. Most current version was presented in 2015 in China. Although developed primarily for this country, our company believe that this model will come soon to other markets too, including North America. However, those are simply some our forecasts, and we will have for some more time to obtain main information.

2018 Ford Taurus Exterior Photos For Your Desktop

2018 Ford Taurus Redesign and Features

The 2018 Ford Taurus ought to come entirely brand-new for the U.S. market. Those are rumors that can be discovered on the web. As you most likely know, company revealed that the production of current model will end quickly. Meanwhile, new Taurus was presented for the Chinese market. So, there is a huge chance to see this mode introduced in North America too. This model features a lot of comparable characteristics with new Fusion. These two models ride on the same platform, but Taurus features a bit longer wheelbase. So, besides larger measurements, other changes are hardly significant. Style language is the same, and overall styling between these two models is very close. Inside, 2018 Ford Taurus will be very large and full of newest technologies. Compared with Chinese model, we expect to see more features in offer, as well as usage of better products.

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2018 Ford Taurus Engines

Existing model that is used in China is readily available with 2 engines. Those are 2.0 liter and 2.7 liter V6 EcoBoost engines. The very first one comes as base deal, and has max power of 240 horses. The other one benefits about 325 horsepower. Besides these 2 units, we anticipate some addition for the United States market. However, specific engines are unidentified. Current, 6th generation utilizes a number of engine, however just 3.5 liter V6 unit is features a EcoBoost technologies, while others a bit out-of-date. So, expect this engine in deal too. It benefits about 365 horses.

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2018 Ford Taurus Release Date

Arrival of 2018 Ford Taurus is still under concern. Some predictions are that brand-new model could come somewhere in this year.

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