2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Review, Design, Release Date and Photos

Already a formidable force in the business van market, it appears like Mercedes is now ready to make its mark in the light truck segment. Possible rivals consist of the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok, plus the aforementioned associated models from Nissan and Renault.

2018 MercedesBenz XClass Exterior Wallpapers

These are our most current spy shots of a prototype for a brand-new mid-size pickup truck from Mercedes-Benz. The truck will be called an X-Class and was previewed last fall by a concept of the same name.

This isn’t a lifestyle offering we’re discussing– although there will be lifestyle-oriented versions– but a major workhorse with some typical Mercedes high-end included.

2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Design

The X-Class is based upon the rugged body-on-frame platform discovered in the current Nissan NP300 Navara, and at the moment the prototype still shares some aspects with the Nissan. The grille is plainly a Mercedes unit, though. Nissan’s alliance partner Renault has its own version of the NP300 Navara called the Alaskan.

2018 MercedesBenz XClass Side Images For Your Desktop

All three trucks are because of be constructed at Nissan’s plant situated in Barcelona, Spain, as well as a Renault plant in Cordoba, Argentina. Distinct styling and interiors are being used to separate them.

For example, the interior of the X-Class principle featured the rotary dial and touchpad controller system discovered in the latest Mercedes models, in addition to exceptional products on the dash and a big infotainment screen.

2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Engine

It’s possible Mercedes will also utilize its own engines for its truck. The X-Class idea came powered by a turbocharged V-6 diesel which was coupled with an automated transmission. Other mechanicals included a live rear axle with spring dampers, which Mercedes stated assists to smooth on and off-road driving.

2018 MercedesBenz XClass   Wallpapers For Desktop

2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Release Date

We can expect a debut of the X-Class in its final form in late 2017 or early the list below year. Sadly, Mercedes has no plans to offer the X-Class in the United States at this minute.

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